Roofing Contractor Serving Macon Georgia Takes Pride in Their Unbiased Drone Superscan Inspections

March 13, 2023 at 22:57

Mighty Dog Roofing, based in Macon, GA, takes pride in offering unbiased Drone Superscan inspection of the roof and other parts of the home exterior. They provide this free 25-point inspection for clients in Macon and neighboring areas before providing an estimate for a roofing project. The inspection report has the benefit of being unbiased and objective, which is welcomed by insurance companies and real estate agents. In addition to the roof inspection, they also offer roof installation, roof repair, attic venting, gutter inspection, and gutter installation.

The drone-assisted inspection will examine 25 elements of the roof and the home’s exterior. These include: inspection of step counter flashing; inspection of skylights; ventilation inspection; inspection of valleys; eaves and rakes inspection; drip edge inspection; inspection of step and counter flashing; roof edging inspection; nail head inspection; soffits and fascia inspection; inspection of gutter aprons; hip and ridge inspection; inspection of roof sheathing or decking; plumbing stack inspection; chimney inspection; roof ventilation and exhaust system inspection; window inspection; attic inspection; gutters inspection; inspection of siding; downspouts inspection; inspection of furnace caps and pipes; inspection of storm damage caused by hail; foundation drainage inspection; inspection of storm damage caused by the wind; and aircon unit exterior inspection.

A spokesperson for Mighty Dog Roofing says, “Mighty Dog Roofing of Macon Georgia is not just here for today but for the issues that can arise tomorrow. We are proud to offer a craftsmanship warranty with your manufacturer's warranty. We feel that it is important for us to not just be here today but to help you throughout your homeownership. With that in mind, we back up all our warranties with our exclusive free Mighty Watchdog Maintenance program.”

Mighty Dog Roofing also provides the Watchdog Maintenance service, which includes yearly inspections of the roof and other parts of the home’s exterior. This ensures that problems with the roof and other parts of the home’s exterior that are still developing are detected as early as possible. This will allow them to provide the necessary fix to prevent the problem from getting worse and developing into a more serious problem that will be costly to repair. These annual inspection reports will also be compared to detect the trend for the roof’s condition and this may be used to project how long the roof will last so that the homeowner will be prepared for the roof repair or roof replacement in the future.

Mighty Dog Roofing also provides the Customer Vault, which is a personal vault given to each client for storing information about the condition of the homeowner’s roof and other exterior parts. This provides information on the baseline health of the home’s exterior and will include pictures, videos, annual inspection reports, projects completed, products used, insurance information, manufacturer information, warranties, and more. All of the information contained in the Customer Vault are relevant to the condition of the roof and can be referred to by Mighty Dog Roofing and the customer whenever a project is being considered.

Another important advanced tool provided by Mighty Dog Roofing for the benefit of the client is the Curb Appeal Visualizer. This is software that can run on a smartphone or mobile device to allow the client to help visualize the appearance of the home when using a certain paint color for the roof, a certain roof style, a particular roofing material, and more. In this way, the client will be able to decide on what color of paint to use, what roofing material to use, and other details even before the project is started.

Mighty Dog Roofing of Macon is locally owned and operated by Chris Brown, who ensures that all projects are manned by experienced and certified roofing specialists. The team always takes an advanced and technologically-centric approach to their roofing projects. One example is their drone-assisted inspections and other innovative tools.

Homeowners and other property owners who are looking for a roofing contractor serving Macon Georgia can visit the Mighty Dog Roofing website or contact them through the telephone. They are open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, every day of the week.


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