Roofing Contractor Serving Marietta Georgia Mighty Dog Roofing Offers the Latest in Roofing Technology

April 28, 2023 at 16:03

Mighty Dog Roofing of Northwest Atlanta is offering customers high-tech roofing solutions such as drone inspections and visualization software to take all the stress out of this essential home improvement and maintenance task.

As a popular national brand with a presence in hundreds of cities across the United States, Mighty Dog Roofing is at the forefront of bringing technological innovations to the roofing industry. Coupled with the highly skilled and experienced local franchisees that it chooses to partner with, homeowners and business owners from all over the country have come to rely on and trust the company for all their roofing needs. Readers can find out more about the parent company at: Visit Company Website.

Now, Mighty Dog Roofing of Northwest Atlanta is bringing the same highly rated and trusted services offered by the roofing company nationwide to local property owners in its service area. The Northwest Atlanta location of Mighty Dog Roofing serves Marietta, Acworth, Ashley Acres, Austell, Cartersville, Dallas, East Cobb, Emerson, Hiram, Kennesaw, Mableton, Paulding County, Powder Springs, Pumpkin, Sandy Plains, Smyrna, White, and Wild Wood.

With a mission to provide trustworthy and accurate roofing services, Mighty Dog Roofing offers credible and verifiable roofing inspections utilizing drone technology. The use of drones allows the company’s professional inspection team to perform a complete and thorough inspection to establish the baseline health of a property’s roof, without even scaling it.

Homeowners can also fully control the customization of their home’s aesthetics following a repair or new roofing, gutter, window, or siding installation. With the Mighty Dog Visualizer, Marietta homeowners can engage with easy-to-use before and after tools on their smartphones to meticulously design their home’s exterior to match their tastes.

Finally, all the information collected using the drones and the customer’s product and color preferences for their roofing materials can all be stored in the company’s secure Customer Vault. The vault offers a convenient way to maintain detailed records of roofing service, repair, and replacement history and to keep it easily accessible for retrieval during property resales and insurance claims.

The spokesperson for Mighty Dog Roofing of Northwest Atlanta talks about the benefits of the Customer Vault by saying, “Stored securely on our servers, all the information about your property’s roofing can be unlocked annually and used to compare the current condition of the property to the previous inspection. Such information can be valuable to an insurance company in the event of a claim. Your realtor will also love you for having all this information thoroughly documented and instantly retrievable. The Customer Vault also allows us to give you regular reminders of when it is the right time to go for roof inspections and to expedite emergency repairs for our Watchdog Maintenance program. We urge you to find out more about our wide range of roofing services and the utility offered by the Customer Vault at Visit Web Site.”

Homeowners in Northwest Atlanta have repeatedly praised Mighty Dog Roofing for its top-quality roofing services. The company’s Google Business Profile has a perfect 5.0 out of 5.0 rating from over 15 reviews with customers noting the professionalism of its roofing crew, responsive customer service, and the plethora of customization options on offer.

One recent customer review says, “Denny and his crew were fantastic to work with. Very pleased with his communication about the job and updates along the way. I would use him again. He took the time to tell me what he would do and why. It makes a difference. Thanks, Denny!”

Another satisfied homeowner writes, “Mighty Dog Roofing responded quickly and was very professional. Turnaround time was great. Gorgeous roof and gutters. Great color options. I recommend this company for your roofing needs. Thanks, David!!”

Readers can get in touch with Mighty Dog Roofing of Northwest Atlanta at (770) 407-6611 to inquire about its services. Additionally, homeowners in Marietta and nearby areas can visit the company in person at the address found on its Google Business Profile.


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