Sewer Drain Jetting Experts in Kansas City Continue to Get Highly Positive Reviews

January 21, 2022 at 23:53

Pierpoint Plumbing, LLC, a plumbing company based in Greenwood, MO, and serves Kansas City and neighboring areas is proud to announce that they continue to receive five-star reviews from customers. They currently have an overall rating of 4.9 stars on Google as reported in a previous PR, which can be accessed at The company has expertise in various plumbing services, especially with sewer drain jetting, which is often used as a solution for clogged pipes. This requires the use of a powerful jet of water to clear a drain. The high pressure water causes water to hit the obstruction with a powerful force, which dislodges any debris and stubborn clogs. This method can also be used to get rid of grease, oil, and other debris from a sewer line.

Meanwhile, in one of their latest five-star reviews, Damian F. said, “Andrew installed water supply and drainage, and venting for the stacked washer and dryer. He worked quickly and professionally went above and beyond in connecting up the dryer vent. Extremely pleased with the work.”

Sewer Drain Jetting

A spokesperson for Pierpoint Plumbing, says, “We’re certainly glad and proud of the reviews that we have been receiving. Our overall rating of 4.9 stars on Google is a testament to our hard work of always putting our customer first. Reviews provide feedback, which tells us whether we are on the right track or not in our customer satisfaction target. Rest assured that we will continue to do so as we will soon surpass the 200-review mark. Many thanks to all of our customers who had taken the time to leave us some kind words.”

Pierpoint Plumbing, LLC ( recommends regular sewer drain jetting as part of plumbing maintenance efforts as a way to avoid having the inconvenience of a clogged sewer line, which could also affect the rest of the system. Sewer drain jetting is also a very effective solution for clogged septic systems. It is a non-invasive and cost effective of cleaning pipes and gutters. It is capable of getting rid of blockages from long distances. And it can be used to clean commercial, residential, and municipal pipes. While other systems can also remove blockages, they don’t offer the benefit of keeping the system clean.

For residential properties, Pierpoint Plumbing provides various kinds of services. These include: drain plumbing -- repair and replacement; kitchen plumbing; leak investigation and repairs; re-pipes; main line water service repairs and replacement; toilet repairs and installation; water heater installation; faucet/ fixture installations; shower valve installations; hose bib installation and repairs; tank-less water heater installation; french drain installation; garbage disposal installation, and more.

Pierpoint Plumbing’s commercial plumbing crew offers plumbing repair and installation services for companies located in the Greater Kansas City area. Aware of how downtime can affect the profitability of a business, they are always focused on working efficiently and quickly to minimize downtime resulting from plumbing emergencies.

For commercial properties, they also provide a number of services. These can be subdivided into commercial plumbing repairs and drain cleaning services. Commercial repairs include: leaky pipes; grease blockage; toilet repair and installation; hot water repair & replacement; leaking joints; corrosion; root infiltration; bellied pipes; garbage disposal; and more. Drain cleaning services for commercial properties include: sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets; cabling and jetting; camera and video inspection; dishwashers and disposals; downspout drains; floor drains; kitchen drains, faucets, and sinks; main sewer lines; catch basin cleaning and replacement; plugged grease traps; and more.

Pierpoint Plumbing, LLC offers highly experienced contractors to provide plumbing services for homes, companies, and new construction. Their crews are committed to always provide the best kind of service possible. They can provide plumbing installation, faucet repair or replacement, or sewer and water main repair. They can handle any kind of plumbing problem in the Kansas City area, such as toilet installs, water heaters, clogged drains, and more.

Those who are interested in learning more about their services can visit the Pierpoint Plumbing website at, or contact them on the phone. They can be contacted 24 hours a day at any day of the week.


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