Simpsons International Removals Launches New International Removals Cost Calculator

May 19, 2022 at 16:10

Simpsons International Removals Ltd, based in Dartford, Kent, UK, is happy to announce the launch of their new international removals cost calculator on their site as they prepare for a significant increase in the number of people wanting to move overseas as the world starts to open up after the coronavirus pandemic. This is a free cost calculator that computes the total cost of the move, including shipping, packing, customs clearance, and delivery. It should be noted, however, that some costs are not included, such as customs duties and insurance. The online calculator can be accessed at

John Lee, General Manager at Simpsons International Removals Ltd, says, “We have seen a significant increase in people looking to move abroad this year. We hope our free cost calculator will be a useful tool and help with their budget planning.”

international removals cost claculator

It should be noted that the online calculator works for overseas moves to countries, including Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and South Africa, which involves container shipping. This online calculator also works for European removals from the UK to countries like Spain, France, Germany, and Italy, and these will involve road freight. Moving house to Europe means the customers’ belongings will usually be moved by road freight. For this, they could use a dedicated removals van or more frequently a shared van for smaller moves across Europe. They provide door-to-door service, which means that their packers will export wrap the various belongings and deliver them to the customer’s new house in Europe.

First of all, Simpsons International Removals Ltd provides an international removals service with local crews from various locations throughout the UK. John Lee says, “Whether you are moving from a flat, studio, stately home or an apartment, Simpsons should be your first choice. Our reliable service will help you to move anywhere in the UK – whether it’s London, Birmingham, Leeds, Belfast, or Edinburgh.”

Furthermore, Simpsons International Removals has an extensive international network that allows them to handle any moves to the UK from Europe and any other overseas locations. They frequently provide removals to the UK from Australia, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and many other destinations.

With Simpsons, customers can rely on their 35 years of experience to make the transition as smooth and as stress free as possible. Whatever the size of the home, whether large or small, they will establish a custom-made removal process that is suitable for the customer’s budget and needs. They are committed to offering unmatched quality of service, ensuring that they comply with the British Standard specifications. They are also committed to acting reasonably and fairly, and in offering concise and clear information. They also provide their clients with an extensive shipment protection cover for all kinds of household removals, thus providing customers with peace of mind.

Meanwhile, another service that can be provided by Simpsons International Removals is household storage. Storage facilities are vital for those who need to keep their belongings safe in the UK before they move or at their destination country if they are not immediately ready to receive their goods. These belongings are kept in storage containers and Simpsons' warehouses provide ample space for storing these containers. Storage units are very flexible so any move size can be catered for, no matter whether it’s a few boxes or the entire contents of a large house.

Simpsons International Removals have become a part of a bigger group of international shipping and removals network which enables it to offer a higher level of service to more countries than before. In spite of this change in ownership, their core values have remained unchanged and they remain focused on offering personalized and professional service to persons, organizations, and commercial customers alike. They use a fleet of removal vehicles, including 18-tonne heavy goods vehicle (HGV) lorries, shipping containers, and transit vans.

People who would like to learn more about the services provided by Simpsons International Removals Ltd can visit their website, or contact them through the telephone or via email. They are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.


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