Stay Away From Alcohol When Taking Antidepressants, Warns SUN Behavioral Health

June 07, 2023 at 22:22

Erlanger, Kentucky – A new blog published by SUN Behavioral Kentucky outlines the dangers of mixing alcohol with antidepressants. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 13% of individuals in Kentucky are currently taking antidepressants, while close to half of the population partakes in regular alcohol use. This means there is usually an overlap between those who drink and those who take antidepressants.

Alcohol makes individuals feel calm and relaxed when ingested, but the fact remains that alcohol impacts mental health in the long-term. Because it is a depressant, it slows the nervous system, causing a drop in mood and an increase in anxiety. Many people believe that taking antidepressants alongside alcohol will solve that problem, but research shows it does the opposite.

“Alcohol impacts the medication’s ability to do its job. It can also cause an array of nasty side effects, including damage to the liver and the heart. Additionally, alcohol is a depressant, so it could make your mood disorder worse – especially when taken with antidepressants,” the article states. Even a small amount of alcohol is enough to impact the functionality of antidepressants. If patients feel the need to drink while on their medication, they should speak with their prescribing physician first.

SUN goes on to describe a variety of other side effects caused by this combination, including loss of coordination, impaired judgment, and decreased reaction time (which can lead to injuries or drunk driving accidents). When someone is taking antidepressants while drinking, they’re more likely to feel drunk faster, which increases the likelihood of these things happening.

Drinking while taking antidepressants can also cause problems with relationships because individuals are more likely to say or do things they normally wouldn’t. The combination of these two substances also causes daytime fatigue, which can cause issues at work or school. It is rare, but drinking while taking antidepressants can be fatal. A lack of coordination and impaired decision-making can lead to serious injuries, suicidal thinking, and even overdose.

A representative of SUN says if someone is having a hard time controlling how much alcohol they drink, especially when taking antidepressants, it’s probably time to seek treatment. “At SUN Behavioral Kentucky, we know that every patient’s healing journey is unique. That’s why we offer such a large variety of treatment programs for alcohol use disorder. Addiction doesn’t need to last forever – we see people recover every day.”

SUN Behavioral Health provides treatment options for alcohol use disorder, including inpatient, outpatient, co-occurring, and crisis care services. If a person is physically injured they must go to a medical hospital first, as SUN cannot treat physical injuries in their mental health crisis stabilization unit. They treat anxiety, depression, panic disorders, and substance use disorders. They also have specific programs for adolescents and geriatric patients. Additionally, they offer no-cost telehealth consultations.

SUN Behavioral Health Kentucky is an addiction treatment hospital located in Erlanger,KY. SUN stands for “solving unmet needs.” Their goal is to fill the gaps and break down barriers in addiction treatment that prevent people in their community from seeking help. Anyone who is interested in treatment for alcohol use disorder and antidepressants and would like a telehealth consultation can visit their website or call them at 859-429-5188. They offer immediate admission and 24/7 crisis care services, as well.


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