The Gift of Scent Offers Sitewide Sale for Halloween 2022 On Car, Home, and Travel Fragrances, and Bundles

October 31, 2022 at 23:36

Popular online aromatherapy and fragrance store The Gift of has announced a sitewide special sale for Halloween 2022. Gift of Scent is known for its popular line of curated fragrance bundles including The Home Fragrance Collection, The Car Fragrance Collection, and The Travel Collection.

In an email that went out to Gift of Scent’s subscribers, the company wrote about the history of Halloween and shared a discount code that buyers can use to get 20% off on all their favorite scents. The coupon code “TRICKORTREAT” can be used to claim the discount which is applicable for all products currently available for sale online. The coupon code is applicable until 31st October 2022.

The accompanying email said, “You can be sure that most people are not likely to be "mumming" on Halloween night, singing songs, telling jokes, or staging doorstep performances for their treats as they did in the old times. Before door-to-door trick-or-treat candy-giving became a thing about 100 years ago, kids had to work hard to fill their candy baskets! We know that Halloween had its origins in the festival of Samhain among the Celts of ancient Britain and Ireland over 2000 years ago, and I wonder what they were doing for trick or treat night!”

The founder of Gift of Scent, Jeffrey Smith talked about the store’s special Halloween sale by saying, “Our customers love our wide range of scented fragrance bundles for the car and home and travel. Our subscribers regularly visit our website in hopes of benefiting from the various promotional offers that we run. With Halloween fast approaching, we wanted to give our loyal aromatherapy enthusiasts exactly what they had been waiting for. The 2022 Halloween special sale is the perfect opportunity for our subscribers and fans to stock up on the fragrances that they have their minds set on. If you pick something up during the sale, let us know how you are enjoying your purchase by tagging us on Instagram using #thegiftofscent, on Facebook using @giftofscentshop, or on Pinterest using @TheGiftOfScent.”

Gift Of Scent has been fulfilling the needs of those interested in discovering and relishing exotic, soothing, and refreshing fragrances for over 20 years. All the fragrances on the website are curated and sourced from handpicked product suppliers and brands to meet the store’s high standards of quality. Apart from promoting the joy of aromatherapy, Gift of Scent is also deeply committed to the health of the environment as it makes a conscious effort to only stock products from suppliers who reduce plastic usage, manufacture products that are recyclable and reusable, and use fewer artificially created chemicals in favor of fragrances that are made using natural aromas.

Gift of Scent’s range of aromatherapy products includes essential oils and essential oil diffusers that aid physical and mental health. They are perfect for those who want to turn their home, office, or car into a calming and peaceful recluse. The company’s home fragrance products such as wax warmers, wax fragrances, Plugables® fragrance oil diffusers, candles, and more, can make any interior space instantly feel more pleasant and luxurious.

Gift of Scent’s personal-care products including salt soaks, body scrubs, and spa products promote self-care and keep one feeling fresh and confident throughout the day. The company’s car and travel products such as car diffusers, fragrance discs, vent diffusers, and more, are designed for portability as they operate either on a battery or through the plugs most commonly available in all types of vehicles. Its travel products help customers take their pleasant fragrances with them wherever they choose to be at that moment.

Readers can head over to the Gift of Scent website to browse its product bundles for travel, cars, and home. The company’s products have been featured in popular publications such as CBS, Fox News, NBC, and USA Today. Gift of Scent offers free shipping for orders over $50 and accepts returns within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.


For more information about The Gift of Scent, contact the company here:

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