The Top Rated Detox Center of L.A. Provides Trauma-Informed Therapy as Part of Its Rehab Work

November 16, 2022 at 17:05

Los Angeles, California -

Los Angeles, Calif. — Substance addiction is a complicated condition often treated as a symptom of an underlying emotional or psychological disorder. However, when addiction results from traumatic experiences in the addict’s life, it can be even more complicated. But at The Detox Center of LA, one of California’s top treatment programs, trauma-informed therapy is one of the pillars of recovery.

Part of a nationwide network, The Detox Center of LA provides comprehensive, individualized treatment of drug and alcohol addiction and related psychological disorders. Programs range from medically supervised detox, where recovery begins by cleansing the body of toxins left by addiction, to residential and outpatient rehab programs and post-rehab follow-up care. These include trauma-informed therapy, which considers the array of emotional and psychological damage that can result from physical or emotional violence and abuse.

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For people struggling with addiction, past trauma is tragically common: It had been experienced by almost 95 percent of the subjects in a study by the Brown University Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies. It’s clear that identifying and addressing addiction’s root cause should be the first goal of treatment. Today, all properly trained behavioral therapists base their treatment modalities on understanding trauma-informed therapy.

The focus is on finding the causes and triggers of the addiction, not just addressing its often ugly and dangerous manifestations. It takes excellent training, skill, courage and an understanding of the processes and procedures involved to help patients dig beneath the surface to find the root cause of their behavioral problems.

Traumatic experiences often involve sexual, physical and emotional abuse, but not always. Other examples of childhood trauma include losing parents to death or divorce, enduring homelessness and surviving profound illness — all of which can have devastating effects on both children and adults. Even years later, the experience can cloud their judgment, so decisions that seem simple and rational to family and friends are difficult — with the addict often making the wrong one. As a result of bad decisions, people end up addicted and suffer dire consequences.

Left unacknowledged, unaddressed and untreated, the effects of trauma are internalized and can damage the person’s mental, emotional and physical health and their relationships. To effectively treat inappropriate or dangerous behaviors, therapists must recognize, understand and help the patient fully process the trauma they have experienced.

Therapists using this modality draw on a deep understanding of how trauma impacts people’s lives and the behaviors it can trigger. The approach is very effective in helping people overcome the residual effects of the trauma they have endured, even for adults dealing with events long ago in childhood.

The Detox Center of LA incorporates a solution-focused therapy modality. One of its programs is Seeking Safety, an evidence-based counseling model that helps clients attain safety from trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder and substance abuse. Each week, the group covers one of several topics that address coping skills relevant to these disorders, such as Grounding, Asking For Help, Compassion, Honesty and Healing From Anger. Through this skill training, clients can better regulate and control their emotions and subsequent actions.

The Detox Center of LA takes a solution-focused approach that incorporates various therapeutic techniques to increase self-efficacy. The goal is for clients to build acceptance, safety and self-awareness — and for the therapy team to partner in helping someone work through their issues.

Trauma-informed therapy is just one of many treatment programs at The Detox Center of LA. Anyone seeking a comprehensive treatment of alcohol and drug dependence, including benzo addiction and related emotional and psychological disorders, can begin the journey by visiting the center or calling 888-346-4350.


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