Tiny Rituals Is Offering Several Types Of Crystal Ganesh Statues For Sale Online

May 03, 2022 at 16:27

Encinitas, California -

Online crystal and gemstone jewelry store Tiny Rituals is making available several statues of the Indian deity Ganesh made of crystal and other materials.

Ganesha is one of the most revered and worshipped deities in the Hindu religion. He lives in the hearts and minds of many devout Hindus from countries with a large Hindu population such as India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia (Java and Bali), Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and Bangladesh. His presence is also felt in the processions and celebrations of followers in countries with large ethnic Indian populations including Fiji, Guyana, Mauritius, and Trinidad and Tobago.

black obsidian ganesh

The deity has an elephant head and is thought to be the remover of obstacles and harbinger of good luck. He is also known as the god of beginnings and as such many Hindu rites and ceremonies begin with prayers dedicated to him. He is also known to be very well-read and intelligent and is given the denomination of being the Lord of letters and learning. According to Kundalini yoga, Ganesha resides in the first chakra, called Muladhara. Ganesha holds, supports, and guides all other chakras, thereby "governing the forces that propel the wheel of life".

According to Hindu mythology, he is the restored son of Parvati and Shiva. In the most popular belief regarding his origin, Ganesha was Parvati’s son who was beheaded by Shiva in a fit of rage. Finding out later that he was the son of his beloved and being overcome with remorse, Shiva asked his followers to bring him the head of the first living creature they saw. Shiva then attached the head of a dead elephant to the young boy’s torso and he came back to life, bringing joy back to Parvati.

Ganesha’s visage is also well recognized all around the world and is one of the most prominent images in Hinduism. His form has made its way to western countries through cultural osmosis and is today prominently associated with the age-old set of beliefs and customs of Hinduism that have endured for millennia. The presence of Ganesh is often in weddings, important undertakings, religious ceremonies, and especially during the start of ventures such as opening a business or buying a vehicle.

Tiny Rituals’ mini Ganesh statues are available in a range of crystals and brass. The crystal Ganesh statues are available in crystals such as Amethyst, Black Obsidian, Amazonite, Tiger Eye, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Red Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, Howlite, and Labradorite. The pocket baby Ganesh is carved from antiqued brass and stands just above an inch in size. A verified buyer of the brass statue says, “These are as pictured on the front. They are curved on the back and almost fit your thumb. They are a good weight in your hand and soothing to rub. They make great gifts.” Another review from a verified buyer says, “This little Ganesh is such an amazing addition to my spiritual team! Love the size, color, and design!”

A spokesperson for the company talks about the several different crystals that the deity is available in by saying, “When the form of the Hindu god of intellect and wisdom is combined with the healing power of crystals, you get to experience the power of incredible forces that will get to work to remove the obstacles stopping you from enjoying a long and fulfilling life. You can pick the crystal Ganesh that matches your energy and your mood. You can bask in His glory while you are meditating, while you are working with the chakras, or you can slip it in your purse or pocket to carry luck everywhere you go. Our crystal Ganesh statues have a glorious capacity to chase out negative energy and to infuse your space with sacred, soft, and sublime energy.”

Readers can save 20% on their order when they bundle any three items together from the crystal Ganesh collection. Readers can also head over to the company’s website to stay updated with new products or follow its media room for all Tiny Rituals news.


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