Treasure Moving Company is Offering Local and Interstate Moving Services in Rockville MD This Summer

July 06, 2021 at 17:22

Treasure Moving Company is offering local moving, interstate moving, commercial moving, and packing services in Rockville, Maryland.

Summer is regarded as the busiest time for moving companies as there are a lot of people who are looking to make the switch to a new location before fall sets in. There are a few precautions that those who are looking to move during the warmer time of the year should take to ensure the process is safe and hassle-free.

Rockville Moving Company

The most important thing is to have an appointment with the company ready to go months before the moving date because, usually, a surge of requests hits moving companies in summer. If one gives them ample notice and makes bookings early, they can avoid rejection due to a busy calendar and also avail of discount pricing by negotiating with the company. Those opportunities are not present if one tries to book a moving service just in the nick of time. The head start also gives homeowners enough time to do ample research on the best moving companies in their area and shop around for the best deal. When picking a moving date, customers should also try to grab a timeslot on a weekday as demand is low in the middle of the week. Moving around vacation days like Memorial Day and the 4th of July is especially difficult as those times are booked well in advance.

When asked about the company’s response to customers who are looking forward to the summer months to shift, a spokesperson says, “We are always booked and busy in summer. The sun is out and one can avoid the rain and snow that is common during fall and winter and can throw a wrench in any well-intentioned moving plan. We advise those who are moving to pack their personal luggage with only the essentials that they absolutely need. We take care of everything else. If we are doing the packing, we ensure that the items that are sensitive to heat such as candles or vinyl records are not tightly packed together and are given some room to breathe. You will thank us for our expertise when all your stuff arrives at the destination just as you intended it to. You won’t get this level of service and attention to detail from other moving companies who will just do the bare minimum to get a paycheck. We have been operational for over 20 years and we have seen it all and done it all. We plan ahead for all contingencies. So you can trust us completely with your precious belongings. If you are based in Rockville and are looking to move, contact us today and you will find out why Treasure Moving Company is the best moving company Rockville MD has to offer.”

The company offers self-pack moving services to those who are looking to save a little money and have the time to handle a part of the process themselves. The customer will be tasked with packing the items so that they are ready to go. Treasure Moving Company will then handle the rest as they will be responsible for lifting the boxes, placing them securely in the delivery trucks, and transporting the items to the destination.

The company is experienced enough to take all the commonsense precautions that a moving company is expected to take to ensure all the heavy and fragile items are moved safely without damage to them or the house. The company protects the floors and carpets of the homeowner’s house with protective runners. This prevents the floor from being scratched and scraped. The furniture is also wrapped with quilted padding that not only protects the furniture but also the walls, hallways, and door jams.

Treasure Moving Company can be reached at the phone number (855) 715-6683 for all inquiries. Customers can also head over to its website and fill out an online form to request a free estimate for their needs.


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