Tree Service Experts San Bernardino Lauded for Providing High-Quality Free Consultation Services At Its Offices

January 04, 2023 at 19:10

San Bernardino, California – After a homeowner in San Bernardino, John, hired a tree care company to fertilize his trees so they would grow healthier and more robust but instead became weaker, he knew he needed to work with a better company.

"It was on the 29th of June when my wife noticed that the trees had grown weak," said John. "After discussing how we could improve the trees, my wife suggested fertilization. Everyone supported the suggestion, so we contacted a tree care company in San Bernardino that had served us for quite a few months. They came immediately, and even before we shared what we were thinking, they said the trees needed to be fertilized. They went ahead and fertilized the trees, then left."

"When my wife went to check on the trees two months later," John continued, "she noticed that they had grown weaker and unsightly. She contacted the company, and they directed her to give the trees one more month."

"A month later," added John, "the trees looked like they were dying, so my family decided to seek help elsewhere."

Allegedly, John learned about Tree Service Experts San Bernardino through a friend that had been using the company for quite a while.

"While still debating on where else we could get the right assistance," said John, "a very close family friend, James, a tree farmer, visited us."

"After a small chat," continued John, "we took James to the yard and asked for advice on what step to take next. He advised us to take a clear picture of the trees and visit Tree Service Experts San Bernardino offices for a consultation."

"After James left," said John, "we followed his instructions. We took clear pictures of the trees and visited the Tree Service Experts San Bernadino offices. Surprisingly, the offices were not too far from our home."

"At the Tree Service Experts San Bernardino offices," said John, "we were warmly welcomed and listened to attentively."

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"After explaining the whole situation to the workers at the company offices," added John, "the team said that something must have gone wrong during fertilization, or the previous team did not perform proper inspection first."

John revealed that after the consultation session, the Tree Service Experts San Bernardino team came to help the family save the trees.

"Since the harm was already done," said John, "we asked for the way forward, and the Tree Service Experts San Bernardino team confirmed that they could help if allowed to. Who would have refused anyway? We came back home with the team that was to help us save the trees from the fertilization stress."

"They got to work immediately, and a few hours later, the team was departing," added John. "They then handed over the bill to my wife, and their price was way too low compared to the tree care company that had caused the whole mess. On asking whether the consultation fee was included, the team confirmed that Tree Service Experts San Bernardino offers consultations for free."

Reportedly, it took two weeks for the trees to start recovering.

"The trees started improving slowly every day, and after two weeks, they were beginning to look healthy and strong again," confirmed John. "That was when my family decided to settle with Tree Service Experts San Bernardino as the go-to tree care company."

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