Value Of Ugly Homes in Las Vegas Nose Dives Despite Real Estate Market Recovery

September 26, 2022 at 16:18

Henderson, Nevada -

Despite the real estate market in Las Vegas showing signs of recovery, so-called ugly homes are seeing a decrease in value, according to data from Alex Buys Vegas Houses.

Henderson, Nevada – When most people think, “I want to sell my house fast, Nevada”, they aren’t sure how much they will get for the home. Generally, the perception is that the real estate market recovery means they would get more for the home. However, if the home has been neglected, or as it is called an “ugly” home, then it can be near impossible to sell. Data from Alex Buys Vegas Houses, one of the city's leading cash home buying companies, shows that “ugly homes languish on the market for months without getting a half decent offer.”

While the real estate market has improved in recent months, the recovery hasn’t affected old and neglected homes. According to Alex Buys Vegas Houses, because most people want to buy a family home, they can move in right away and not have to worry about the roof leaking or to fix the foundation. The good news is that “we buy houses Nevada, regardless of their condition.” Said a representative for Alex Buys Vegas Houses.

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“When most people think, I want to sell my house fast Las Vegas; they often assume it will sell for the market price. Then when their home remains on the market for months without a decent offer, reality soon sets in. The best approach is to avoid wasting time and sell your home to a trusted cash-for-home buying company like ours. We make decent offers on homes across the city and even the state; plus, we’ll put cash in your pocket almost right away.” Said one of the representatives for Alex Buys Vegas Houses.

She added, “While the real estate market is recovering, the figures you read in the newspaper and on websites are deceptive, especially if you have an old, poorly maintained home.”

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