Versatility and Exceptional Customer Service the Key to Success for Corydon IN Plumber

February 08, 2023 at 15:43

H2O Plumbing is a Corydon, IN contractor that has established a solid reputation in its area when it comes to residential and commercial plumbing services. Much of which is due to this company’s stated mission of providing superior plumbing services along with exceptional customer service. That combined with being a friendly and honest company has also made them a Corydon plumber that those in its service area can rely on and trust. H2O Plumbing is even very proud of the fact that its experienced plumbing technicians can handle any type of water-related problems that occur in a home or business. Richard Mullins, the Owner/Operator of H2O Plumbing, says this about his company’s versatility, “Our wide range of plumbing services makes us an ideal choice for both commercial and residential projects. If water runs through it, we can fix it.”

Mullins went on to describe some of the plumbing tasks that those in their area of Indiana have come to rely on them for. This includes their ability to handle all-size plumbing repairs. Something that includes everything from a small drip on a faucet to a large plumbing retrofit project. Their techs have the experience, equipment, and know-how to do such things as track down hard-to-find water leaks and replace worn-out plumbing with new and longer-lasting modern types of pipe and fittings. He mentioned that they are very good when it comes to doing new plumbing installations too. They can provide all the plumbing that’s necessary for a new home, commercial building, addition, or basement refinishing project. This plumber in Corydon, IN also offers a wide variety of drain cleaning services. They can unclog all-size drains that are found inside a home or business and this includes those drain clogs that are deeper down in plumbing lines.

H2O Plumbing can also handle many different water heater-related tasks. Something that includes water heater repairs and new installations. The company has technicians that are well-versed when it comes to water softener and sump pump installation too. Not all their plumbing tasks are completed inside of a home or business either. The company’s owner/operator talked about how they can do such things as unclog a sewer line. A service that even includes removing stubborn roots that are causing toilets to back up. He pointed out that their outside plumbing services also cover any incoming line water problems all the way to the main water shutoff on a property.

Those that have asked H2O Plumbing for help often state in reviews their extreme satisfaction with this company’s service. Mark M. proclaimed, “Wow! Richie did an outstanding job installing our water heater! He went above and beyond what I expected. The price was great, and the installation was fast. He also disconnected an old water softener and hauled it off. It’s so nice to know people still take pride in their work. It could not have been any better.” Jasmine M.’s 5-star review stated, “We turned our 1/2 bath into a master bath, put in a new water heater, and a new backup sump pump with the assistance of H2O Plumbing. They were amazing! Not only was the work that was done phenomenal, but the price wasn’t bad at all. They also did the work in a timely manner. The plumbers that came out to do the work were super helpful and answered all my questions. I would recommend this plumbing company to anyone!” Other notable company traits include H2O Plumbing’s willingness to back up its work with a 12-month workmanship warranty and the fact that it is a fully licensed and insured plumbing contractor. Mullins added, “We are your local, friendly, knowledgeable plumber in Corydon, IN. Each of our technicians strives for 100% customer satisfaction in every job – anything less is not acceptable.”

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