What The New Era Luxury Travel Families Are Thinking - Influencer Leads The Movement To Inspired Standards

February 22, 2023 at 22:03

The pulse of the New Golden Age of luxury travel is beating stronger than ever, and one name stands out among the crowd: "Der Avant Posh."

This celebrated style and luxury blog is the creation of Dylan, a hospitality industry expert, who speaks a bit of German, a smidge of French and a plethora of English with decades of experience in providing exceptional service to the most discerning of guests.

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According to a recent survey of 500 wealthy travelers in the Asia-Pacific region by the International Luxury Travel Market, in conjunction with affluent research specialist Altiant, almost half of the surveyed plan to spend more on holidays than pre-Covid trips.

Ninety-two percent of the travelers want to engage experts to plan stress-free trips.

The New Era family traveler thinking is excited by celebrity chef sparkling restaurants with artisticly presented "wow food" to enjoy the close experiences of celebrating birthdays and weddings and honeymoons, romantic atmospheric entertainment shows, exotic cruises like to the artic and megaships that are futuristic floating cities, charter planes and the new future-is-now passenger drones for photography safaris, Disney inspired adventures that thrill and delight everyone together, and american express style fine hotels that create extra special immersive worlds.

With a background in the art of hospitality cultivated as a special patron at world-renowned organizations like the 4 Seasons Hotels and with his insider status at category dominant Starbucks, Dylan has made it his mission to share his special passion for excellence with the world through "Der Avant Posh."

Dylan's gifted attention to detail, his analysis of how New Era guest's expectations are exceeded, and his ability to craft unforgettable experiences has cemented his status as one of the leading voices in luxury travel in the New World where The Inspired Standard has changed forever.

"We are now in a new Golden Age for luxury travel and the standards are now much higher with the rise of digital nomads and high definition camera sharing of epic peak experiences," says Der Avant Posh influencer Dylan.

His extensive experience in the hospitality industry has allowed him to create a unique perspective that resonates with travel enthusiasts worldwide.

With an irresistible sense of je ne sais quoi that compels readers to return to his blog again and again, Dylan has become the go-to source for those looking to create unforgettable memories that nourish their souls.

Affluent travelers say they are more interested in investing in experiences rather than luxury goods, according to the Altiant survey.

Elon Musk says in speaking about the near future of city to city travel on Earth with his vertical takeoff and landing New Era rockets that touch the Earth's upper atmosphere, and that he hopes will replace airliners for overseas travel, "You could be anywhere in the world in about an hour."


The International Luxury Travel Market trade show, has provided new information about the plans of well-heeled travelers, according to Bloomberg.

"It's clear that affluent travelers intend on traveling <much more> and are looking to book those once-in-a-lifetime trips that include all the luxury and ease of a high-end travel experience," says Mae Cheah, managing director for Asia at TTC Tour Brands and TCA.

A study undertaken by Altiant and sponsored by American Express surveyed 1,200 high-net-worth individuals from 14 countries across Asia, Europe and the Americas during the second half of 2022, as pandemic travel restrictions worldwide began to drop.

The takeaway is that most big spenders plan on investing more money in exeptional peak experiences that they can show and share, than conventional luxury goods.

At "Der Avant Posh", Dylan has harnessed his passion for luxury travel and his cultivated taste to create a blog that truly leaps off the page.

With an unwavering commitment to detail, he has established himself as a trailblazer in the luxury travel industry, crafting a voice that is both authoritative and accessible.

From the finest purveyors of hospitality to the most sought-after destinations around the world, Dylan's perspective on luxury travel is second to none.

With its celebrated style, exceptional content, and signature commitment to excellence, "Der Avant Posh" is the must-read luxury travel blog for the New Era.

For anyone seeking a truly unforgettable travel experience, there is no better guide than Dylan and his team at "Der Avant Posh."



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