6 top stays for travelers who prioritize sustainability

November 25, 2022 at 08:04

In November, we're checking into the world of hotels and resorts.
(CNN) — As we wrap up the final months of 2022 and look ahead to a new year, there's a buzz phrase that's gaining steam in the world of sustainable travel: net-zero hotels.
Net-zero goes much further than simply paying someone else to offset emissions while still relying on fossil fuels for heating and cooling.
room2Recognizing the climate crisis, room2 owner Robert Godwi spent two years planning a "whole life" net-zero hotel.
It was built to the most rigorous UK Green Building Council net-zero standards , "to reduce energy demand through design and maximize renewable energy on-site," he says.
Clearly, net-zero energy doesn't mean net-zero luxury.
The capsule hotel with 137 pod rooms or "nests" was designed "using advanced carbon reduction technologies," says architect Michael Mullen.
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Tina Herzl/Boutiquehotel StadthalleLong before hotels began touting their net-zero virtues, it turns out there was a true zero-emissions pioneer in Vienna.
The hotel is expected to be certified as the first net-zero hotel in the US, while also receiving LEED Platinum and Passive House certifications.
(Hotel reps tell CNN the net-zero certification process requires 12 months of third-party verification and monitoring of various systems.)
"A net-zero hotel is really self-sufficient and makes all the energy it uses."