Haiti assassination suspects wait in limbo, with family members left in the dark

July 22, 2021 at 05:15

In Colombia, families of the men, who make up the bulk of the 26 detained suspects , have banded together to raise funds for lawyers.
As authorities there urgently seek an explanation for the shocking and embarrassing assassination, the capabilities of the Haitian police have grown even greater.
Asked repeatedly whether the suspects have access to legal representation, Haiti National Police spokeswoman Marie Michele Vernier said only that the men were in contact with their respective embassies.
Abuse behind bars is common in Haiti -- even under regular circumstances -- although no allegations of physical mistreatment of the men have emerged to date.
Twenty-six men have been detained since the assassination, Vernier told CNN Wednesday, including 18 Colombians, five Haitians and three US citizens.
A number of Haitian police have also been detained in a separate administrative investigation, according to Haitian authorities.
In Florida, Sanon's family believes he is being set up as a scapegoat, according to Bross, the family friend.
Several relatives of the Colombians who spoke to CNN said they are still in the dark about the men's condition.
Every day for me is hell," the wife of one of the detained men said over a text message.
"Our family is unaware of his physical, psychological and legal state.
We're still in the same suffering," Milena Africano, whose husband is among the detained, said after the meeting.
The official did tell the families that they could give packages to the consular mission to deliver to the men.