He saved her from drowning and they fell in love

May 04, 2021 at 11:24

(CNN) — Nupur Gupta was nearing the end of a two-week stint teaching at a yoga retreat in Goa, India.
This was Attila Bosnyak, a financial adviser in his forties hailing from Hungary but based in the Netherlands.
Coincidentally, Bosnyak was a student at Gupta's yoga retreat where, he says, he'd been trying to "disconnect from the hustle and work pressure and the Dutch winter."
Yoga teacher Nupur Gupta got into difficulty while swimming.
"But I couldn't really, so two, three, four times I was basically pushed onto the rock by the wave."
Fate intervenesNupur Gupta and Attila Bosnyak pictured together in Goa a few days after he saved her life.
She left Kerala and flew to her family home in Lucknow, in the north of India, to support her family.
It wasn't a marriage proposal but a promise to love one another, and to commit to making their relationship work.
Courtesy Nupur Gupta/Attila BosnyakGupta's family couldn't wait to meet the man who'd saved her life and swept her off her feet.
For Gupta, the idea had been in the back of her mind since Bosnyak saved her life in Goa.
When the EU eased Covid travel restrictions in summer 2020, Bosnyak and Gupta seized the opportunity to travel to Greece.
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