Hunted and in hiding, Myanmar's journalists continue to report the truth

May 03, 2021 at 07:53

For weeks, he had been documenting protests in Yangon against the military coup .
Despite knowing that he's wanted by the junta, Ye Wint Thu said he won't stop working.
Ye Wint Thu continues to report the news from a safe location in Myanmar.
"We never stopped, not even for a single day," said Toe Zaw Latt, DVB's operations director who recently fled the city.
Protesters take cover behind homemade shields as they confront the police during a crackdown on demonstrations against the military coup in Yangon on March 16.
Toe Zaw Latt tells his reporters: "Don't stay long on the ground, get the story, get out.
Toe Zaw Latt says Myanmar's journalists are taking huge risks to report the news following the military coup.
"Lots of citizen journalists know that these kind of records are really important," said Toe Zaw Latt.
Myanmar's journalists say they won't abandon the peopleDVB's Toe Zaw Latt last month made the difficult decision to leave Yangon.
Toe Zaw Latt, an Australian citizen, managed to make it to the airport and fly out last month.
For Ye Wint Thu, what's happening to his country is not new.
Like many journalists in Myanmar, Ye Wint Thu is determined to keep reporting.