Protests in Haiti as political standoff continues

February 22, 2021 at 00:44

(CNN) Large crowds of Haitians took to the streets again on Sunday, as a standoff between President Jovenel Moise and the country's opposition movement stretched into its third week.
"Those of us fighting, who want another Haiti, a Haiti pearl of the Antilles, say no to the dictatorship," one protester told Reuters in capital city Port-au-Prince, where Haitian opposition and civil society groups had called the demonstration.
Another criticized the United States and international organizations for supporting the President.
At the heart of protests is a dispute over the President's term limit: Moise has served only four years of the usual five, and says his term ends in 2022 -- a stance backed by the United States, United Nations and Organization of American States.
Protesters, however, say he should have stepped down February 7, citing a constitutional provision that starts the clock once a president is elected, rather than when he takes office.
"We want the international community (to) understand that the Haiti people won't back down on their demands.
Jovenel Moise must leave the national palace for a peaceful transition that can lead us to the elections," opposition leader André Michel told CNN on Sunday.