Some of California's beloved, storm-struck parks and forests remain closed

January 26, 2023 at 02:01

(CNN) — One of California's biggest draws is the exquisite scenery in its state parks, national forests and other related natural sites.
Especially hard hit was Los Padres National Forest , which is almost 60 miles (97 kilometers) away from Santa Barbara by car.
Damage there was so bad that a 60-day closure was ordered for four ranger districts (Monterey, Santa Lucia, Santa Barbara and Ojai).
Pinos District was not in the order.hThe order was issued on January 13 because of "extreme winter weather events in early January that caused flooding, debris flows, bridge, road and trail failures."
Los Padres got more 100% of its annual rainfall along with high-wind damage earlier this month, the forest's website said.
Other closures in CaliforniaCalifornia's state park system also took a big hit from the deluges, and some of its sites are closed.
Twenty one state parks, beaches, reserves and related sites were fully closed as of 6:45 p.m. PT January 24, and another 40 places were partially closed.
Others are closed for more normal seasonal weather, previous weather events or both.
At Death Valley National Park , an access road to a trail head is partially closed because of snow.
And "many other roads remain closed due to damage and debris from major flooding this summer," according to park management.
Meanwhile, Devils Postpile National Monument , near Yosemite National Park in the heart of the Sierra Nevada range, is closed for the long winter season and is only open during summer months.
With so many partial and full closures, you should check the status of any state or national park before committing to travel plans.