The GOP's devotion to Trump threatens to destroy American democracy

May 04, 2021 at 04:01

(CNN) With its cultish devotion to Donald Trump, the majority of the Republican Party is choosing a wannabe-autocrat over the political system that made the United States the world's most powerful nation and its dominant democracy.
The widespread mistrust he continues to foster in the fairness of the US political system among millions of voters poses grave risks to democracy itself.
Trump decreed in a statement Monday, literally reversing the facts about last November's free and fair election that he lost.
3 position in the House only three months after she comfortably retained it in a secret ballot election.
Her transgression is to simply keep pointing out the truth: that last year's election wasn't stolen by President Joe Biden.
CNN reported Monday that Cheney said at a behind-closed-doors conference in Georgia that Trump's behavior was a "poison in the bloodstream of our democracy."
And there are very clear signs that Trump's assault on American democracy is working.
In a CNN poll released last week , only 23% of Republican voters believed that Biden legitimately won sufficient votes to win the election last year.
"We are too much a cult of personality and a vehicle for the grievances of Donald Trump.
But it is still extraordinary that the Republican Party, which in recent memory styled itself as the guardian of democracy and boasted about winning the Cold War against tyranny, could transform in this manner.
Millage slammed his fellow Republicans for "worshipping at the altar of Trump" during an appearance on CNN's "Newsroom" on Monday.
"With the Democratic Party moving more progressive, there is plenty of room there," Flake told CNN's Jim Sciutto on Monday.