'Life sentence': Mother of Florida lawyer killed in murder-for-hire plot details family's fight for justice

November 25, 2022 at 07:00

"The truth of my life is defined by my son’s murder," Ruth Markel wrote in "The Unveiling: A Mother’s Reflection on Murder, Grief and Trial Life."
It feels like nothing is happening as it should, and everything is flipped upside down," Markel wrote.
That Dan’s murder is also my life sentence: a void-like landscape of traumatic flashbacks, anguish, and prolonged anxiety."
Over eight years later, four people have been arrested – including Markel’s former brother-in-law, Charlie Adelson.
He described how Magbanua acted as a go-between for Charlie Adelson and the alleged hitmen.
Attorneys for Charlie, Donna and Harvey Adelson declined to comment when contacted by Fox News Digital with specific excerpts from the book.
The statement went on: "We understand why the government has put the Adelson family through this type of severe scrutiny.
One of those topics, Markel wrote, was Dan’s wish that their two sons be raised in a conservative, kosher Jewish household.
Donna would try anything to gain control over the children and get them away from Dan," Markel wrote.
Chief Assistant State Attorney Georgia Cappleman referenced an email exchange between Adelson and Donna Adelson in asking what her mother felt was "the most important part of your divorce."
Investigators, she wrote, found that Donna Adelson had written checks to Magbanua from the family’s dentistry business’ account.
Charlie Adelson also allegedly made jokes more than once about hiring a hitman.