Woman whose father who died in nursing home says without answers 'there's really no closure'

February 23, 2021 at 01:35

He was an "amazing father" and most commonly seen as the "John Wayne" of the household before he died, his daughter, Joann Rodriguez, told Fox News.
Joann Rodriguez was not only one of his primary caretakers while he was in the nursing home.
The Cuomo administration’s March 25 directive barred nursing homes from refusing people just because they had COVID-19.
CUOMO, OFFICIALS 'FAILED MISERABLY'Anthony Rodriguez was one of nearly 15,000 nursing home residents who died after the order was implemented.
And that happened twice, three times a week with me and my sister," Joann Rodriguez told Fox News.
The Rodriguez family had tried to contact the nursing home several times by phone, email and text multiple times but couldn't get ahold of anyone.
It wasn't until later they found out about the order, which effectively "created a war zone inside the nursing home," she said.
Even before the pandemic, nursing homes had already faced insufficient staffing and did have not enough adequate care, Joann Rodriguez said.
CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPIt's been almost a year since Joann Rodriguez and her family lost him to the pandemic.
Even after her father died, the nursing home didn't answer their questions, she said.
The decision was "irresponsible and it's unacceptable" Joann Rodriguez said.